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At the intersection of design, animation and film

Frame is a Copenhagen-based motion design studio with a nordic flavour and an international footprint. As a creative collective of directors, designers and animators, Frame specialises in producing award-winning content for screens of all sizes.

With a client portfolio spanning commercial, broadcast and pure art projects, Frame prides itself on maintaining a consistent high-end creative tone of voice. Frame is guided by the mantra that a bold artistic vision, supported by excellence in execution, will result in creating a world-class product.


Frame’s talented team specialise in producing motion design, 2D & 3D animation, live action and much more – accustomed to working direct with client or partnering with creative agencies to achieve the best outcome.

Featured clients inculde Nike, Panthella, Porsche, Jaguar, BoConcept, Ecco, Carlsberg, TV3, FX Networks & Abu Dhabi Media.

INFECTED represents Frame exclusively for the german market.
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We are not only working on a constant research and development of the newest software, hardware and toolkits, but also creating our own toolsets for our pipelines.

One tool we created is the INFECTED.OS, our in-house production framework for all our artists and producers needs during a complex production. INFECTED.OS displays every step of our production-pipeline and helps creating efficient workflows for bidding, production and until final master delivery.


INFECTED.OS also works as our main brain by organizing our archive, with jobs from even more than 25 years ago.

Within this streamlined environment, we implemented tools such as FTrack, Wiredrive or Slack in our workflow to keep up with the growing pace of our clients needs: to create a save, transparent and powerful workflow for every project.